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illinois society of medical assistants_2


Aux Plaines

Brookfield zoo Aux Plaines Chapter.jpg

President: Sharon Strutzenberg, MA, CMA (AAMA)  Contact 

Vice President: vacant 

Secretary/Treasurer: Donna Radzun, CMA (AAMA)  Contact 

Representative: Donna Radzun, CMA (AAMA)

Alt Representative: Vacant


President: Courtney Gehrig, CMA (AAMA), MBA, MPH  Contact

Vice President:  vacant

Secretary: Dianne Mowrer, CMA (AAMA)    Contact

Treasurer: Patricia (Patti) Bean, CMA (AAMA)      Contact 

Representative: Dianne Mowrer, CMA (AAMA)

Alt Representative: Patricia (Patti) Bean, CMA (AAMA)


President: Rose Ponce Mancha  Contact 

Vice President: Anita Figueroa, CMA (AAMA)  Contact

Secretary/Treasurer: Mary F. Dunham, 

Representative: Rose Ponce Mancha

Alt Representative: Mary Johnson, CMT-R

Illinois Valley

President: Amy Barto, CMA (AAMA)   Contact

Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Tondi, CMA (AAMA)  Contact

Representative: Amy Barto, CMA (AAMA)

Alt Representative: Chris Tondi, CMA (AAMA)

Lincoln Land

Image by Tucker Good

President:  Nicole Stice, CMA (AAMA)   Contact
Vice President:  Athena Harman, CMA (AAMA), AAS   Contact
Secretary:  Robin McAllister, CMA (AAMA)
Treasurer:  Betty Kronemeyer, CMA (AAMA)  Contact

Representative: Nicole Stice, CMA (AAMA)

Alternate Representative: Athena Harman, CMA (AAMA)

Mississippi Valley Chapter

President: Rhonda Sandahl, RN, CMA (AAMA)   Contact 

Vice President: Tammy Fulton, CMA (AAMA)   Contact 

Secretary: Kathleen (Kathy) Monteith, CMA (AAMA)    Contact 

Treasurer: Rebecca (Becky) Cruse, CMA (AAMA)   Contact 

Representative: Rhonda Sandahl, RN, CMA (AAMA)

Alt Representative: Rebecca (Becky) Cruse, CMA (AAMA)

Northwest Cook

Image by Blake Guidry

President: Kelly Charland, CMA (AAMA)      Contact

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Dale Bondi, CMA (AAMA)    Contact 

Treasurer: Julie A. Stoffregen, CMA (AAMA)      Contact

Representative:  Dale Bondi, CMA (AAMA)

Alt Representative:  Kelly Charland, CMA (AAMA)


sock monkey.jpg

President: Katherine Schoonhoven, CMA (AAMA), CPC  Contact

Vice President: Linda Fultz, CMA (AAMA)      Contact 
Secretary:  Jill Birdwell, CMA (AAMA)      Contact    
Treasurer:  Kim Gorsegner, CMA (AAMA)      Contact 
Representative: Katherine Schoonhoven, CMA (AAMA), CPC
Alt Representative:  Jill Birdwell, CMA (AAMA)

Southern Illinois Regional Medical (SIRMA)

ketchup bottle.jfif

President: Najla Russell, CMA (AAMA)      Contact 
Vice President:  Emily Stenger, CMA (AAMA)
Secretary: Beverly (Bev) Brown, CMA (AAMA)

Treasurer:  Sara Baer, CMA (AAMA)      Contact 
Representative:  Betty Kronemeyer, CMA (AAMA)     Contact 
Alt Representative:  Sara Baer, CMA (AAMA)